Friday, September 28, 2012

these were taken at Audubon Park the day after the hurricane.  my familiar running sights- seen with a calm, stormy eye. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

hurricane isaac

so we decided to ride out the storm- our first hurricane ever- instead of evacuating.  we talked to several people and decided since it was a category 1 that it wouldn't be THAT bad....ummm yeah.  it was quite the experience!!! i imagine i could equate it to a southerner moving up north and experiencing their first snow storm.  kind of???

i tried to keep busy with tasks that required sitting still with no electricity during the storm- reading, embroidery and sleeping.  i got a few things made and after all craft is the point of this blog so i will focus on that and not the hurricane!!  i have quite a few embroidery wall pieces made so these stitchings will most likely be made into a pillow or a collage.  or maybe i'll put some on a bag.  here they are in their "ready for the next step" stage...

this may be cute on a tote bag


trying a new addition of vintage buttons

still not done stitching this one...(this fabric is a skirt i found at the thrift store and cut up)

a few other things that kept me sane are: my $10 battery powered radio from amazon, my book, and my leftover fan from white linen night.  i have no idea why i even saved this fan but am glad i did!!  it worked much better than a magazine.  one thing i happily learned is that instant coffee has made some major improvements from the last time i tried it (maybe 10 years ago, probably more).  it was delish.  even with the fake creamer!!