Monday, May 21, 2012


Just added another show to the schedule for this year...

June 2nd I will be at the Freret Street Market from 12-5

Hope to see you there!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

craft show moments....(kind of like Deep Thoughts SNL style but alot longer)

i always think i should keep a diary of sorts about "craft show moments" whether they are good or bad.  i never do.  my favorite highlight from tonight--before i forget--

* a boy about 4 or 5  RUNS over to my table and picks up a gold and black fleur de lis zipper pouch and says mom i want THIS!!  and shakes his ziploc baggie of change.   the mom replies and says well, we have to eat dinner first and then you have to ask your dad.  he won't put the pouch down and gives her this face, but not a pain pouty face, just mom PLEASE i'll buy it with my own money face.  i say i'm here all weekend and to come back after dinner to see me because she really couldn't get him to leave.  he must of ate really fast because he came back with his very manly dad....(i've had this happen before and it's a little awkward for me) the dad says "joseph, this is for a girl."  joseph doesn't budge but instead gives that face again and says i want to keep my money in it.  the dad says, "it's for a girl"....joseph REALLY wants it and just looks at him innocently....not understanding what is going on so the dad finally looks at me and says "who am i to judge?  his sister is getting a $8 tattoo that will rub off in 2 days.  at least this guy will have this for years since he tends to hoard."  joseph WINS!

PS--i need to think of a manly name for my zipper pouch....seriously parents get SO freaked out when their boys want one. not sure what the big deal is!
((not necessarily girly!!))

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

this weekend....

forgive the minimal post and lack of posting in general....things have been BUSY!!

find me here this weekend!!!  friday, saturday AND sunday!

you'll find lots of stuff made from my NEW vintage finds....

Monday, May 7, 2012


i've been missing for awhile...busy with life sort of things.  after my fabulous trip to pittsburgh my machine was in the shop so i took a little break from sewing after 6 weeks of shows.  yes, i have a back up machine but it just wasn't doing it for me so i just well, stopped. 

i attended my first ever sewing circle at this adorable sewing shop called Sew Fabulous less than a mile from my house.  i made a hand towel for my kitchen that buttons around your fridge or oven or cabinet.  it was a quick and cute project!  my hope was to meet other people with similar interests but everyone was really new to sewing so they were absorbed in their projects and didn't really have time for chatting. bummer.....

then my brother visited from NYC and it was so fun.  we over ate, over drank and laughed our asses off!

which brings me to this week....i got my machine back but then worked every single day so i didn't have time or energy to sew.  i also started a new PT job in addition to my visual merchandising job.  i'm teaching painting at Painting with a Twist!  if you've never heard of it check out the website--it's a ton of fun!!

chris was actually on vacation this week so we hung out on friday and then i was able to sew a bit on saturday and sunday--he even made me dinner both days!!!!  amazing.....

things may be back to my new normal this week.  i have a show on saturday so i need to make it work!  i'll post pics of what i'm working on later this week.  just wanted to catch y'all up!