Wednesday, February 29, 2012

day 8 of 30 day challenge

i used to make coaster sets and grew tired of them.  today i brought them back.  got 5 sets of 4 made.  like all my items they are lined with heavy weight interfacing that makes them extra sturdy and they are completely washable.  i pre-shrink all my fabrics so they can go right in the washer and dryer. 
i also got another large cross body bag made but the pic isn't too fab so i'm not posting it.  now i'm heading outside to enjoy the rest of this PERFECT day.  not too hot, not cold at all.  and sunny! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

days 6 & 7

day 6 was kinda hectic.  worked all day, made groceries and did another errand.  only got this large pouch made.   again, better than nothing!
day 7 has been much better!  doctor appointment this morning- turns out i have winter allergies and am not sick!  got a prescription.  yay!  it does say "do not operate machinery or drink while taking this drug".  ummmm sewing machine=machinery?  or maybe they just mean a fork lift.  and the whole no drinking?  well, i'm gonna test that warning later.  getting lots of fabric cut out but did manage to make this collage this morning.
the 2 right fabrics are vintage.  the one on the far right has a cute story--i went to this estate sale with my friends and chrissy decided to buy a one of those fancy picnic baskets that has a long name starting with an L that i have no idea how to spell so i won't even attempt it.  this fabric was inside!  i believe it was their picnic blanket because it was sewn with finished edges.  it only had one stain too so i consider it a major score.  vintage fabrics can sometimes have lots of mysterious stains.  they didn't have oxi clean back then.  i machine stitched two pics from a vintage cookbook and one of my hair ribbons from the pig tail days.  then i hand embroidered 2 circles and some lines.  here are some detail shots....

i have to say it makes me want to wear an apron and muddle my husband a drink while baking fresh bread.  and maybe cook a roast of sorts.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

day 5

i only got these 2 coin purses made!  it's more than i would of made if i didn't have this 30 day challenge.  focusing on house and life today.  making lasagna right now to surprise chris who is working on his one day he usually takes off.  making homemade sauce and everything!! yummmmm.

anyways, these coin purses are made from vintage plaid fabric that was gifted from my friend chrissy who got it from her grandma when she was downsizing her house.  mint green zippers and pale pink with white dots inside. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

day 4 of 30 day challenge + a big announcement!!!!

got a bunch made today even with my head wanting to explode!
made some fleur de lis items--2 wristlets, a 9" zipper pouch and three 7" zipper pouches.  Insides are either a black swirl fabric, a solid black or Saints fabric. 
these are 9" x 3.5" zipper pouches- the perfect size for money, coupons, or pencils.  a light teal bee print with a pink daisy print inside.
ok, this isn't the best pic but you get the's my Louise bag-the larger style that sells for $55.  made from a red vintage stripe fabric with a vintage denim pocket on the outside.  inside is a navy and tan dotted stripe with 2 pockets.  the handle is a lightly brushed flannel vintage floral fabric. 

i also have a HUGE announcement!  i will be traveling to Pittsburgh for a show on April 14th!  i honestly couldn't be more excited about it!!!!! here's the info--

I Made It! Market joins the SouthSide Works’ Chili with the Works event on Saturday, April 14th from 12 - 5 pm. Shop from 55 local artists selling handmade wares, sample chili from more than 20 local restaurants and enjoy live entertainment. For more information, visit

i am so looking forward to being home and seeing wonderful friends and let's not forget eating lots of yummy food!

day 3

i missed blogging about this last night but got it up on my FB page!!  i swear i'm not slacking already! 

you may have seen a pic of a pug on my blog before- my niece's/sister/brother in law's.  her name is Hope and she's the funniest little dog i've ever met.  her expressions crack me up!!  she jumps on your gut while you're quietly relaxing but it's just because she loves you and wants to play and maybe cuddle eventually.  so i am always on high alert for pugly things because of that.  i got my niece a few pug things for xmas including making a little jacket for Hope.

so that's what inspired this little embroidery.  it's a simple 4" piece on a tan fabric with black embroidery floss.  i am thinking of making one that looks more similar to Hope's colors with her name under it to give to my niece.  maybe on purple fabric because it's her favorite color.

i love how when i don't feel so crafty i can sit on the couch semi watching tv and stitch away!  yesterday was kind of a sucko work day and i still don't feel great (not sure if it's a cold or allergies but my head is going to explode!) so that's exactly what i did.  i also made us a huge pot of veggie and bean chili that hit the spot perfectly for Chris' lent participation and it feeling a little cold.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

day 2

started these last night and finished up this morning!  got a call to go into work so i'm totally annoyed-ya know it's a mannequin emergency!  i had big plans for creating today that will have to wait til saturday now.  i'm procrastinating even calling them back and that scares me a little--my work ethic is usually way better than you think i'm over it and need to be a full time artist??? YES.

ok, on to the artwork!  i bought these pictures at a Pittsburgh estate sale a few years back and have been wondering what to do with them.  i made holiday cards last year with the holiday themed ones from the same sale.  these little cowboy pics are just too cute!  i had this cowboy fabric left over from a project and thought they paired perfectly together.  i added blue hand embroidery on each of them after machine stitching the pics on.

i've decided to sell these as a pair only--i am picturing them on a baby boy's nursery wall.  $40 for the pair.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

day 1

for the first day of my 30 day challenge i actually got 3 things made!

i made these 2 wristlets--each has a different stitched design on them.  both are dark denim with a peach zipper and a orange dotted fabric interior.  the stitched circles are in light teal, peach and navy.  the stitched vertical lines are in light teal and peach.  both have a navy dotted handle. 

this is a newish style bag that i just started making this week--this is the 3rd i've made so far.  it's a slightly bigger version of my cross body bag- it measures 12.5"h x 11"w.  it's hard to photograph correctly w/out showing it on a model.  i did a cream strap with random teal stitches throughout.  the cutest bunny fabric is lined with a hot pink and white print.  it has 1 inside pocket that is half yellow and half geometric print.  this style will be $40 once it gets in my etsy or to a market.  it's always interesting to see how a new style goes over.

ok, day 1 completed.  good.  now maybe i'll cut some things out for tomorrow and finish cleaning my house. 

p.s. i made these collages last week and forgot to post them....
hand embroidered skull with machine stitched circles on a backdrop of 4 fabrics--on wooden stretchers ready to hang.

NOLA fabric with a hand embroidered fleur de lis on fleur de lis fabric that was machine appliqued.

30 day challenge

i am super inspired by everyone that is participating in a 365 days/52 week challenge so i've decided to do one myself!  i am sharing this info so i can hold myself more accountable...seems to make sense.  my challenge is to make something new everyday for 30 days straight starting today.  i have applied for lots of markets in march so my hope is that i will end up with a ton of product and be super ready to sell!!  i may just post pics every few days or so...still figuring that part out!

i think it's great having my studio in my house but i tend to multi task so much that i end up not getting much made.  i get too caught up in doing house chores that i get out of my creative zone.

so as of today, YES i WILL make at least 1 new item for sale everyday.
........and GO!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

happy Mardi Gras

i am not missing in action---i am being consumed by my first Mardi Gras!  in between parades, visitors, new friends and life i have been working on some new collages.  i am devoting today to CREATING!  no housework, no tv, no computer.  as you can see i am already breaking that rule.  i got really excited about these and wanted to share....

They are both a mix of machine and hand stitching.  The first one "No Roller Skating on the Ceiling" is made from a vintage shirt and new fabrics.  The left paper is from a pre-fab house catalog (vintage) and the paper on the right is from a pamphlet called "Dancing with Teacher"(also vintage).  My friend Curly gave me the license plate.  I imagine it came from a rockin banana seat bike or out of a box of Sugar Smacks. 

The second collage is called "By Day/By Night".  These are all new fabrics and the patch is vintage.  My story behind this one is she's a stay at home mom- pictured top left doing dishes and other household chores and by night she gets to transform into this top notch bowler.  It's her release from the stress of kids and she's REALLY good at it.  Hence, the League Champion patch.  Her bowling shirt was a tropical print and of course, handmade by her.  There's a pretty good chance her name is  Bea.