Thursday, May 15, 2014

more collage clutches!

i am having so much fun making these makes me wonder why i stopped for awhile. oh yeah, that thing called time.  
these are more time intensive for sure.  first i start with sorting fabrics from my GIANT scrap basket, then ironing the pile of potential pieces for that bag, picking the pieces and the order and THEN the actual sewing the scraps together.  then cut to size and sew it like my other bags. i did try new metal zippers on some of these which you can't really see in this pic. they were different to use but i think they are a cool option.  i'll see what people's reactions are this weekend on their first time out!
oh yeah, and the prices for these are $48 for the 3 bottom clutches
in the top pic and $60 for the top one in the pic 
(it has hand embroidery on both sides) and for the two beer clutches due to the supa unique vintage fabric. 
e-mail me if y'all are interested!

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